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5 Pattaya Tourist Attractions You Must Visit

Pattaya, a city in Bangkok, Thailand, famous for it's nightlife. Pattaya is known as a party town which crowded by tourists, Pattaya also including the one place that must be visited during traveling to Thailand. Many tourist attractions in Pattaya you must visit, here are:

1. Beaches / Water Tourism

The beach is the main tourist attractions Pattaya, you can play on the beach along the way. Or go to a small island like Coral Island, Ko Phai, Ko Khrok, and several other islands by renting a boat. Such as Koh Larn island has clean beaches with crystal clear water bath and also rich in coral reefs. Wearing a snorkel and a little luck you can see a variety of marine species, ranging from turtles, clown fish, sea horses up.

2. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Resort

Here we can see the elephant, thai boxing show, and a variety of Thai culture. There is also a beautiful garden with a wide variety of plants, butterfly garden and there is also a mini zoo. Located about 15 km from South Pattaya.

3. Pattaya Floating Market

You can shop for various handicrafts of Thailand, Thai traditional foods in the market in the form of a wooden house in the middle of the water. You can also rent a boat for the surrounding area. Located 10 km from Central Pattaya, quite easily reached by public transport.

4. Mini Siam

At Mini Siam, there are miniature famous buildings in the world, ranging from the Eiffel Tower, the statue of liberty, the Merlion, to bangkok airport can be encountered here. Open from 7 am until 10 pm.

5. Walking Street

This is a pedestrian area that may be most famous in Thailand. Why? Because along this road there are bars, pubs and cafes. Anyway all the world of night life here. We recommend that if you walk around here do not need to take the children.