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Havasu Falls, Beautiful Attractions in Grand Canyon

In the middle of a barren hill in the Grand Canyon, there was a very beautiful waterfall. Blue and fresh, that's the right word to represent the Havasu Falls.

Who does not know the Grand Canyon, the first national park in the United States, precisely located in northern Arizona, USA. But who would have thought, in the middle of the barren cliffs of the Grand Canyon there is an oasis that enrich the landscape. Being on the Havasupai Indian Reservation is also still in the area of ​​Green Canyon National Park, there is a very beautiful waterfall.

Havasu Falls is capable of stealing the attention of the tourists who are exploring the Grand Canyon. It's hard enough to reach this waterfall. It takes more patience and effort to get to watch the freshness of Havasu Falls. At least you have to walk as far as 10 km barren hill track.

But the struggle was not over there. You have to repeatedly climb the high cliffs of steep, can find this beautiful waterfall. There are only three words suitable to represent this waterfall, which is blue, fresh, and perfect.

Throughout the trip, Grand Canyon, sullit to get a fresh view of this kind. Arid and arid hills who became your friends for exploration. So certainly if it is to imagine fresh in Havasu Falls. Havasu Falls has a height of about 100 meters. Proficiency level of water and then spit out into a large pool just below it. Blows of the waterfall, delivery unmatched freshness.

Unfortunately, the current water flow is not heavy as ever. On the site are also shown differences in the swift water before 2008 and after 2008. The water that flows after the year 2008 looks very little even though the two photographs taken from the same side.

However, Havasu Falls still looks beautiful. Near the pool, you can sit and enjoy the waves of fresh water. Sitting under a cottonwood tree waterfall while capturing images with a camera to be the most fun here. However, the difficulty of reaching the waterfall too bad if enjoyed by just sitting around.

Quickly get undressed and keep all your belongings to a safe place, and start to get into the pool. Feel the freshness that can not be paid. Your body will feel like going into the ice water after feeling the heat of the Grand Canyon.

For those of you who want to enjoy a longer view, it is not possible to spend the night here. Not far from the waterfall there is accommodation for the tourists.