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Best Botanical Garden In The World As Tourist Attractions

Botanical gardens, besides also has a beautiful large plants that make it a favorite tourist attractions in the world. A sense of calm will wash away your time enjoying the beautiful scenery in it. Check out reviews of the best botanical gardens in the world as tourist attractions:

Botanischer Botanisches und Garten Berlin-Dahlem Museum, Berlin, Germany

One of best botanical garden in the world, Botanischer regarded as one of the most important parks in the world which has an area of ​​43 hectares. In the park there are 16 greenhouses (one of which, The Great Pavilion which is in the world), cactus house, an arboretum, and a scientific museum. Collection that has been painstakingly built over three centuries resulted in an amazing and impressive space. If you want to surround the park, the manager of the park provides a book tour.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore

The park is open daily from 5:00 am until 00:00, offering a quiet atmosphere. This park is a great place to find the monkey and the lake right at the entrance. There were also National Orchid Garden which has a collection of 20 000 orchids. Singapore Botanic Gardens become the one of best botanical garden attractions in the world.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, England

Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, London, has the largest collection of living plants. Unique features including the Davies Alpine House with the shape and futuristic design. This one of best botanical garden in the world presents approximately 200 alpine plants at temperatures that could have been adjusted, without the need for energy consumption.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape town, South Africa

Cape Town is the world's first botanical garden was established to protect native plant species. Zimbabwe stone sculpture to decorate the park, which also became the prelude to some nearby mountains. There are tourist information centers, which provide a tour guide books and leaflets in this park. Remarkably, the collection of garden events also meet Chelsea Flower Show in 2011, inspired by the South African World Heritage Sites that won a gold medal.

Jardin Botanique de Montreal, Montreal, Canada

A total of 30 incredible theme park form the main attraction to this site. The most famous of which is the Chinese Garden, which is dedicated to showcasing some bonsai features beautiful water. Snow fell in November and April, but the greenhouse complex remained open, and from February to April there is the exhibition "Butterflies Go Free", where thousands of butterflies and moths live tropical released into the greenhouse. You can enter the park for free outside the area after 18.00.